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Enable computers to send and receive SMS through

Product: TEssSms is an optimized non-visual component for Delphi. Enables instant creation of application implementing SMS communication. PCs connected with GSM modem (mobile phone w/ modem) thru serial port can send and receive SMS messages.
Applications: Send & receive SMS alerts, SMS auto-response, send bulk SMS, unattended requests processing, SMS logging & recording, polling, for remote control of PCs & other electronic equipment.
Other Products:
Silverbuck: Pawnshop Software, flexible rates, for start-ups to multi-branch operation, with customer pictures, integrated SMS service to send and receive SMS for customer reminders and marketing. Click here for more info.
TxtMate: SMS software, enables all PC on the network to send and receive SMS, single or bulk text messages using a single phone line. Click here for more info.



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